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We Will Keep You Warm

Your home’s heating is not a job to trust to amateurs. Even the most accomplished of DIY repairmen aren’t up to the task of repairing your home’s heating system. Mistakes can be expensive, can reduce your system’s efficiency, and can result in widespread water damage to your home. If you’re dealing with a gas heating system, an amateur’s errors can be extremely dangerous.

JW Furness Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning has a tradition of meeting customer needs. Look around your neighborhood and you'll see what we mean. From the most complex installation to routine service and maintenance, we have the tools, the people and the products to provide an indoor weather system that fits your lifestyle and budget


Furnaces to Carry You Through Canadian Winters

Let's face it: we live in a cold climate many months of the year and Carrier provides us with the necessary tools to get through the winter season hassle-free. With a line of furnaces ranging in efficiencies, you can be sure JW Furness Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning will equip you properly for the winter ahead.

Comfort and Warmth at the Touch of a Button

The hearth - no area of the home conjures warmer feelings and memories. It is the site of family gathering. It is a place for pensive time alone to read a book, or for the children to do their school work. It is where you can get away from it all and release the stress of a hectic day.


Benefits of a Gas Fireplace

When you think about it, eighty percent of your time is spent utilizing twenty percent of your home. So doesn't it make sense to heat the space you're using instead of the space you don't? Install a gas fireplace where you spend most of your time and turn down your central heat. A 10-minute blast of heat from your furnace dispersed throughout your home is the equivalent to an entire hour of focused, steady even heat from your gas fireplace. Make your fireplace the center of any room with JW Furness Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning.

Air Conditioning

Emergency AC Repair

If your AC unit stops working, we’ll be there in a hurry to fix it


Residential Plumbing

Our courteous plumbers make quick work of any plumbing problems

Get a Quote

Whether you need routine maintenance, emergency repair, replacement equipment, or a complete solution, call us today. You can count on us for competitive pricing and a heating system or fireplace that will last for many years. We're the people you can count on for all your home comfort needs.

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