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We Will Help You Go With the Flow

Let JW Furness Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning help you find the perfect accessories for your bath and kitchen renovations. We can install innovative features or accessories for your specific usage requirements. We have styles unlike anything else and dependable products that last a lifetime. Whether it's a do-it-yourself project or we are doing it for you, we have the products you're looking for. Our services include:

Furnace installations, repairs and maintenance

Boiler installation, repair and maintenance

Back flow testing and repair

Seasonal cottage maintenance

Air conditioning installations, repairs and maintenance

Plumbing installations, repair and maintenance

Leak location and repair

Water heater installations, repair and maintenance

Water filtration systems and sink replacements

Washing with water

Installation, Repair & Maintenance

At JW Furness Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning we specialize in all types of plumbing jobs from simple household problems to the most difficult engineering, design or diagnosis. We handle commercial accounts, new construction work and bathroom remodels. We offer regular maintenance checks to ensure your building's plumbing system is up to code, helping you avoid costly downtime or inconvenience to your customers and staff. Should repairs be necessary, our technicians are always efficient and our costs affordable. Call us today.

Air and Water Purification

Air and water are the two most basic elements essential to our health and well-being. JW Furness Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning offer all customers the benefits of healthier air and water, selling premier purification products. Based on a customer needs analysis with ongoing service and product support, we only sell a select few high-quality products that have been carefully researched by us.



Indoor air quality is heating up. With increasing public awareness of the health risks from air pollution, the indoor air quality market is experiencing rapid expansion, similar to what occurred in the water filtration market. There are just as many pollutants in the air we breathe as in the water we drink. JW Furness Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning will provide your home with healthy air. We help you choose the right product based on your needs as well as your home's design and size.

Whether your problems include asthma, condensation on the windows, lingering musty or smoke odours, we can help solve virtually any problem you face. From aerobiological treatment, odor removal to contaminant filtration, our products offer both great value and performance.


Water is one of the most important elements in our lives yet our water systems have become polluted. Healthy filtered water is essential for an active, productive and healthy lifestyle. Water treatment systems are becoming a universal home appliance.


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For more information on air and water purification systems, please contact us.

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